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Personal experience travel essays that highlight an environmental issue in that place caused by climate change. Some essays also address our relationship with other species that are coping with these changes.

Praise for Here Today, Gone Tomorrow:

“Get outside. Explore. Ask questions. Take action. These are the lessons from Sneddon’s thoughtful essays about the natural world around us. Written with passion and an attention to detail, each essay reveals the beauty, complexity, and fragility of our environment. It is not too late to protect our planet and with books such as Sneddon’s, there is hope.”

--David B. Willams, Geologist, Author of The Street-Smart Naturalist and others


“Sharon’s inspiring essays poignantly describe what we are losing due to climate change and action “take small steps, but start taking them now,” to regain what we have lost.”

--Dennis Lowenthal, Edmonds Climate Connection


“Sharon Sneddon’s writing in Here Today, Gone Tomorrow is engaging, informative and thought provoking. Her respect for the cultures and history of our world is evident as she encourages our personal steps to preserve our planet in a time of crisis.”

 --Marjie Fields, Editor, Washington State Sierra Club Newsletter