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Resources to Help You Get Involved ...

Below is a list of environmental organizations with strategies to address climate change and protect the environment as one of their top priorities:



Sierra Club – www.sierraclub.org


The Nature Conservancy – www.nature.org


National Resources Defense Council – www.nrdc.org


National Audubon Society – www.audubon.org


Environmental Defense Fund – www.edf.org


Greenpeace – www.greenpeace.org


World Watch Institute – www.worldwatch.org


350 – www.350.org


Climate Reality Project – www.climaterealityproject.org


Cascadia Climate Action – www.cascadiaclimateaction.org


Climate Solutions – www.climatesolutions.org



Extreme Weather


Union of Concerned Scientistswww.ucsusa.org


Climate Communication – www.climatecommunication.org


National Climate Assessment  –  nca2014.globalchange.gov/




Ocean Conservancy – www.oceanconservancy.org


The Ocean Foundation – www.oceanfdn.org



Marine Mammals


American Cetacean Societyacsonline.org

The Marine Mammal Center – www.marinemammalcenter.org



Human Health


World Health Organization – who.int


U.S. Global Change Research Program – globalchange.gov




Conserve Energy Future – www.conserve-energy-future.com


Population Connection – www.populationconnection.org



Food Supply


World Food Program USA  –  wfpusa.org


Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations – www.fao.org